Welcome to Condo Smart Document Services Inc

Whoever coined the phrase “Knowledge is Power” must have had buying a condominium in mind because the more knowledge you have before buying, the more power you have to make the right choice and reduce the risks associated with the purchase of a condominium.

Part of the process of gaining that knowledge is to have us review your condominium documents before you buy.  Spending a few dollars now may save you thousands of dollars later and that gives you the SMART advantage.

SKILLED                  Over 30 years experience reviewing condominium documents for prospective purchasers.

METICULOUS        Thoroughly review all documents provided to remove the likelihood of unexpected surprises.

AVAILABLE             We are always available to answer your questions and can be reached by phone or email.

RELIABLE                Complete our review and provide to you our report in the time frame you require.

TRUSTED                We give you the knowledge & information necessary to bring clarity to your decision making.

For all of the reasons above, we are that company.  Let us work to help you.

For more details about the SMART advantage take a look under the “About Us” tab.