About Us

Buying a condominium is a major decision and having your condominium documents reviewed is your best insurance against unexpected and unwanted problems.  With that in mind Condo Smart Document Services Inc. was formed to provide buyers with what we like to call the SMART advantage.


Blanche Sefcik, the founder of Condo Smart, is a retired paralegal.  The senior document reviewer is her husband and a retired lawyer, Douglas Sefcik.  Both Doug and Blanche have over 30 years experience with all aspects of condominium purchases and sales and have reviewed hundreds of condominium documents for prospective buyers.


With the trained eye of a former lawyer and paralegal and rigorous attention to detail, Blanche and Doug will thoroughly review all condominium documents necessary for you to be able to make an informed decision and to eliminate the likelihood of any unexpected surprises.


They will always be available to answer any of your questions or concerns and can be reached by phone or email.  Their promise to you is that, at all times, they will provide you with a superior level of customer service.


You can count on us to have completed our review and to have provided to you our report in the time frame you require, but in any event no longer than 72 hours after having received all of your documents.


With all the uncertainty surrounding one of the biggest purchases you will make, you need someone you can trust to bring clarity to your decision making.  You can trust Condo Smart Document Services to provide you with unbiased information.  We will have only your best interest in mind.

When you receive the SMART advantage the words “Buyer Beware” become “Buyer be aware“, and with this knowledge you now have the power to make an intelligent and confident decision.